Julia Mobassaleh, M.A.
Individual & Couples Counseling


Specialties Include:
  • Brief-therapy model
  • Relationships, Couples, Marriage, Premarital
  • Love, Infidelity, intimacy/attachment, differing or changing sex drive
  • Addiction of all kinds (gambling, substance, smoking, online, video game, sex, pornography)
  • Mindfulness, relaxation and outdoor walking therapy
  • Childhood trauma (abuse, divorce, accident, other traumatic experiences)
  • Grief and cancer

Why Come to Therapy?

When something isn't quite right, taking the leap and asking for help can be scary.  Human beings have the ability to experience a wide array of emotions that guide us. Underneath them is either a drive towards what makes us happy or detour away from something that may hurt us. Except sometimes a paradox exists that leaves us in a bind because parts of some experience bring us happiness and other parts cause us pain. We may see others who seem to have it all and ask, "Why not me?"

You may have questions about what will happen after going to therapy. Therapy can give you the answers to why and how areas of your life may be a source of conflict and give you the "aha" moment where you with greater ease self control thought and emotion that improve a situation or interactions with others. You are here to be happy and live a life you love!

People of all backgrounds (age, gender, occupation, sexual orientation, religious and cultural identities etc.) are most welcomed. The office is here to create a warm and inviting space to create a life you love!  

For years I worked in research and with clients who may have acquired an addiction or secondary issue like depression, sadness or anxiety often as a result of an early childhood experience/trauma that affected their employment, families and relationships. I understand and care. I advocate for children and families.

When changes in your life leave you feeling overwhelmed, sad, or anxious and you need relief that is good time to invest in yourself. Every effort is made to make the process comfortable and safe. My focus on the brief-therapy model can quickly decrease immediate feelings of sadness, overwhelm and anxiety. With greater ease you will self-control mood and thoughts, improve relationships, reduce fatigue, tension or maybe finally get a good nights sleep. The office is beautiful and there is a separate entrance and exit to ensure privacy.

Julia Mobassaleh, MA, IMF 72510 is a registered marriage and family therapy intern employed by South Beverly Hills Counseling Associates and supervised by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jonathan Flier, MA, LMFT 27794. 


Contact Julia:


300 South Beverly Dr.
Suite 412
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes it's the quiet voice at the end of the day that says: 'I'll try again tomorrow.'"- Anonymous